Random Chapters set 2

Random Chapters set 2

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Random Chapters set 2 includes:

  • Two world maps - one with marked encounter areas and one without, extra banners included to mark areas if GM wants
  • Flags and Victory/Defeat pins to mark the successes and failures of the party
  • Crystals in camp: large amethyst-like crystals are found in a nabandoned camp. The party investigates the area when suddenly a portal appears - GM overlays included for tents and portal
  • Three Trails Campsite;  two part map of hide dwellings (GM overlays to show insides included)
  • Three Trails Attacked: similar to the Tree Trails above, but a recent attack shows signs of massive spiders. Where did they take everyone?
  • The Icy Caverns: two levels of icy caves with ice crystal overlays that never seem to melt...odd... sveral GM overlays for potential treasure, and a fun little mimic too
  • Burn your eyes!: Caustic fumes erupt from the earth in some parts, or gently trickle in others...one thing is for certain, don't light a match!


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