Random Chapters set 1

Random Chapters set 1

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Behold the first edition of Random Chapter: Four encounter area maps and world maps.

The set includes:

  • Two world maps included: one with encounter areas marked, and one without any markings. Created in Old World Style, there are also six marker flags as well as victory and defeat pins to mark successful and failed missions. 
  • Relics and Ruins: Ruins of an ancient stone structure are found in the forest. Beneath one area may lie a mysterious glowing green statue (or optional green crystal). What happens next is up to your players
  • The Druid's Grove: Glowing menhirs in alignment with a simple artisan spring at the base of a horsehoe outcropping below massive oaks. 
  • Ambush!: in this 40x80 map (on a 140x140 pixel grid), the travelers make their way along the wagon trail in the forest. A small outcropping is the secret ambush spot for bandits
  • Caves & Crystals: Green glowing crystals in caves...an abandoned camp outside make adventurers wonder - should they go in? ...of course!

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