Mansion of Mystery

Mansion of Mystery

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The Mansion of Mystery is a four-story Victorian-style manor house which lends itself to fantasy, historical & steampunk roleplaying adventures. With over 50 rooms, the mansion can serve as a backdrop for a variety of stories, from attending an elegant ball to solving the case of a gruesome family murder. Or maybe your heroes have earned enough to afford a fancy new home base!

The set contains 241 items including four different base maps; day, night, a blank version to furnish as you wish, and a mystery version. Upon download, you should have 7 zipped folders that come through with purchase, named Mansion of Mystery1 - 7. 

Also included are PNG overlay tiles to keep your map constantly changing right before your players' eyes! Close cell doors, set off a trap and turn on lights in each individual room!

And if you're using the blank version, you'll wanna check out some Game Props sets to dress it up:

The front doors are open, so come on in and solve the mystery!


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