The Mad Wizard's Prison

The Mad Wizard's Prison

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It's time for a prison break! Or more likely, maybe it's time you put those murder hobo player characters behind bars for their crimes. Either way, The Mad Wizard's Prison is the set for you.

This set consists of 2 maps, the prison with a cell block for non-magical miscreants and an arcane prison for the spellcasters, and a cave map directly below for the perfect escape. Several tiles have been added to change game play, including dark tiles to turn off the lights in each room, secret doors, and a library escape tile that leads to the caves. A blank version of the prison is also available to dress up as you see fit with the dozens of included object files. As an added bonus, the Build Your Own Caverns set snaps in perfectly with the caves below to expand your jail break even further!

Look for more Side Quest maps in the series and keep your adventurers on their toes! Happy gaming.

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