Hex March Vol 2

Hex March Vol 2

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The Hex is Marching in and this set has got EVERYTHING you need to build a breath taking World or Region map. With 1,000+ Tiles you can literally shape the land in an infinite number of ways. Volume 2 focuses on the Northern Regions and Desert Regions. This Tile Set comes with a Zip File containing all 1,100+ V-Hex Tiles conveniently divided up into separate Folders for ease of use. Folders can simply be uploaded into Desktop Applications in seconds! In addition to the Tiles, there is a READ ME note giving instructions for uploading them and importing them intoHex Kit! Both the tiles and Hex Kit are print ready, as well, and Hex Kit maps can be export 4 ways: GM facing print / display and Player facing print / display! This set is also perfect for creating West March style maps, and include several PNG symbols for marking Cities, Towns, Ruins, Caves, and more!  By purchasing and/or downloading this file you agree to use it for personal, non income generating purposes only.


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