Game Props Traps & Tricks

Game Props Traps & Tricks

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WATCH OUT! You've just sprung a trap!!! Every GM knows that it's not just the monsters in the dungeon you gotta watch out for. This set features lots of deadly mayhem, from pits filled with various dangers (snakes!) to spiked battering rams to the deadly Reeling Harpoon! (copyright pending)

And though the Traps & Tricks are transparent PNG files that work in just about any dungeon, I've included a set of stone tiles to lay down wherever for the perfect devious TPK room! Make your RPG come to life with the Game Props Tricks & Traps object set!

This pack contains 344 PNG and JPG object files you can drop into any map, featuring 40 unique traps & tricks. Each items comes with various rotations and alternate sizes, and for those who want full rotational control, there are shadowless objects as well! And check out the rune tiles ... these are a great way to lay out a puzzle for your hapless heroes.

Dressing your deadly dungeon in realistic detail is easy with Game Props!

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