Frontiers of the Empire

Frontiers of the Empire

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This is a set of additional rules, which if implemented on a group, will provide stronger incentives for the Exploration Pillar of D&D or other RPGs. It is intended for 3.5E or 5E D&D, but could easily be adapted for use in other systems by adjusting the type and value of rewards so that they are more compatible with those systems.

Based on experience, it would also be a good system to use for mass player situations (where there are multiple GMs and 15+ players involved in the same campaign). Starting from a smallish city state, or at the border of a small nation in a 'big unknown', it will give players incentives to take risks but also approach 'outsiders' without their swords drawn by default.


I grew up half the Empire away. The village of my family would be nearly two months’ march to reach, and maybe after my time at the frontier they will let me have time off to return to them, before maybe coming here again, or retiring onto a farm with a family of my own.

The Frontier is dangerous. Many places in the Empire are risky, but the Frontier is dangerous. I have seen the fallen towers of the Old Empire. There are strange beasts that live out here. The savage tribes are out beyond the frontier. The Empire has subdued many tribes, of many races, but there are many beyond that are just plain dangerous out here. Some of the others come back with tales of things that hardly seem like they could be real. Ponds that suddenly come alive and try eat a person, statues that would come to life and shred the skin from your back, and the undead. Every second hole in the ground seems infested with them. Skeletons, zombies, ghosts, and who knows what are out there.

The Frontier is dangerous, but it could make you rich beyond dreaming.


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