The Feast of Charity

The Feast of Charity

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The small town of Charity was a thriving place, and now it seems... not so much. What could have gone so badly wrong?

This is a one-shot-style module, suitable as a side-quest or even a launching-point quest, with a feel for 'gothic', 'horror', and even a touch 'magic users playing with powers they should not' themes.

It includes information to make it suitable for 3.5E, 5E and by extension PF games, but could easily be adapted to other rules sets as the majority of the system-specific features are the enemy combatants. It could likely be quickly converted into a Lovecraftian game, Cyberpunk, Steampunk or any number of similar genres.

Intended Difficulty: A party of 4, 3rd level or higher characters.

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