Darkwoulfe's VTT Tokens vol 8

Darkwoulfe's VTT Tokens vol 8

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This set consists of 25 uniquely designed, 3D rendered vtt tokens, depicting both heroes (Elves - Battle Wizard, Bard, Pirate, Huntress, Gnome Wizard, Gymnast, Cloaked Rogue, Knight, Dragonborn Healer, Axe Knight and an Apocalyptic Cleric) and villains/monsters (Kroa Toans - Crossbowman, Priest, Slaver, Sorceress and Merchant, Mushroom Spearman and Warrior, Pech Pickaxeman and earth molder, Deepdark Bearmen and an Under Hulk). These tokens are suitable for use with any fantasy role-playing game and are optimized for virtual table top (VTT) play.

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