Druidic Realms 3

Druidic Realms 3

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In set 3 for the Druidic Realms: In the Grove, we went big...oaks that is. I mean big oaks..really big...the canopies can fill out most of a 20x20 space if yer looking for some really quick canopy fill. In the grove, we suspect the druids enjoy snacking on their apples while watching the monarch butterflies flit about the wildflower landscape. We've included a sample map with and without the canopy of oaks as a baseline for GMs to create an encounter.

In here, you'll find numerous oversized oak stumps, decorated and plain, several Oak tree canopies, many apple trees, milkweed, queen anne's lace, purple clover, black eyed susans, chicory, purple coneflowers and golden rod. You'll find premade paths adorned with wildflower clusters and plain paths you can decorate yourself. Stones with wildflowers, and wildflower clusters, make for easy curb appeal upswings to your special grove!

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