Old World Style set 14: Limbo

Old World Style set 14: Limbo

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Old World Style set 14: Limbo considers what's it like to live on a floating island in another plane of existence. Based on the 140x140 pixel grid system like other O.W.S. sets, set 14 can be used alone or be combined with other sets to create very elaborate scenes for your players. Nearly 300 elements area here, and the downloadable set has both tilesheets and individual pieces for your library. Great to use with Tiled for building your maps, then save the artwork to export into your favorite VTT or print out for tabletop use. Also, two of the numerous 2016 FREE elements are included in the preview: the dark and light versions of the tower from Tower Descent, in Old World Style fashion! You can get the 2016 thank you elements here. 

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