Some sets have a lot of moving parts and can seem confusing. Check out these tutorial videos on how to use these maps, or to get fresh ideas. You may have to switch to "classical view' on your mobile or cellphone in order to watch the videos (sorry for the inconvenience, but we are working on it with our provider).



Creating a Tilesheet:


Some programs are easier to use with tilesheets. Here is a brief video on creating a tilesheet to make

your life easier when using some map editors.


An Introduction to Tiled:


Here we introduce the basic set up functions of Tiled from, created by Thorbjorn Lindeijer.


Using Old World Style with Tiled: Lesson 1


Starting with a tilesheet, we show how to start creating land masses using pieces from Old World Style, set 1


Using Old World Style with Tiled: Lesson 2


Using from set 3: Cracks & Contours, we begin to start showing how to easily layer your map using Tiled. 



Using Old World Style with Tiled: Lesson 3


Once more we show how to use the object layer, as well as how to resize and rotate items in the object layers for Tiled. This time, we've brought back tilesheets from set 1 and set 3