First post

First post

First post
First Post!
We have several social media outlets which we use regularly, but this section we will be using just to keep our customers informed about what to expect in coming months. We also hope to put some tidbits of our artists up here as well from time to time so you can get to know our community a bit better as well. 
We've been working on things that could separate us apart from others. Whereas many companies with digital art keep things digital, we are looking at going old school. tactile. print. collectibles...oh yeah. But what could we create, and let's be real - we're artists, what could we keep "focused" on for longer than a 5 second key jingle? We could help create...a mood. It all comes down to the mood, doesn't it?

As some of our followers know on 
Facebook and Russ' followers on Twitter, we recently ran a campaign to choose the first line art for bags. We love us some field bags, we use them all the time, so why not put our artwork on some? We look forward to working with the folks at NrdRg & CorpImg Marketing on producing the bags.
Field Bags with artwork

We've held off on our dragon eggs:
dragon egg

We've delayed production to test the outer coatings a little longer. Much happier with the results this time around so you should start seeing those soon. The dragon eggs are actually containers that come apart, and we've poured one half so that it can be used as a dice tray. Ooo...Ahhhh!! You can read a bit on how we make these here

Our artwork gets requests more and more for printing and whatnot. We've decided to create a Printables section on the site in the Nerd Merch pages. Customers will be able to download prints at 300 dpi for $3 - $5 and they can then either print it out at home or have them professionally printed and matte 'n' mount them. I think an upcoming post will be on why matting even home printed art can make a huge difference.

Digital Prints

Thanks for reading and dont forget to check out our site or fanpages!