The Leaky Barrel Tavern & Inn

The Leaky Barrel Tavern & Inn

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Welcome to the rowdiest place in town, The Leaky Barrel Tavern & Inn. Order an ale, grab a seat and wait for the nightly fistfights to begin!

This set includes maps of the tavern's three floors with day, night and blank versions, plus over 120 unique objects to create your own on the fly. Change up your game with transparent tiles that snap perfectly into place on the grid. Turn off the lights in individual rooms, explore two outdoor settings (rustic town & larger city), and add a roof tile that tucks under the upper floors for skyline battles! And, there are also transparent versions of all floors to place your Leaky Barrel in any environment.

Liven up your town adventure with a visit to the Leaky Barrel, your players will thank you for it. And, the first round is on me!

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