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Links - The Gaming Geeks

R.A.Hapke on Roll20 - R. A. Hapke of The Gaming Geeks, has numerous mapping sets available also at the Roll20 marketplace . 


Roll20 - The Virtual Tabletop. With over one million subscribers, Roll 20 provides a user friendly, fun atmosphere to play RPG games with your group around the globe! The flexibility of playing a multitude of different gaming systems is a fantastic feather in their cap!  Subscribe at the base level for free, or you can upgrade to other levels and unlock more dynamic features.


Tiled - An open source tile & map editor. Free for download and use. A great tool! Switching between tile and object layers is a click of the mouse. Rotate, flip, copy, paste...great features! Use the tile layer for soldiered pieces on a grid, or use the object layer to place elements randomly.


The Gaming Geeks on Facebook - Hop on over and give us a like if you would. It's a good spot to learn what projects we are developing and what is about to hit the market from The Gaming Geeks.


The Griffon - Bookstore and game retailer extraordinaire! This shop has been around since 1976, selling all sorts of RPG tools, books and memorabilia; with a staff that is not only extremely friendly and helpful, but mindbogglingly knowledgable of products. 


R. A. Hapke Blog - a place for Russ to park his thought, illustrations and inspirations.


D. Wolters Weebly page - a place for D. Wolters to park concept art for potential upcoming projects.


Graemation - Grae Hunter, a talented illustrator out of New Zealand who creates quite an array of RPG tokens for virtual tabletop gameplay and more.


Darkwoulfe's VTT Token Packs on Facebook - Riley Owens a.k.a. Darkwoulfe, creates great full color top down tokens for your adventures. Available on sites throughout the net and ready to go!